Sustainable partnerships

All partnerships need mutual trust and the room to grow.  You need us to listen and understand your business so we can find the best solutions for you.  We do this by seeing you often, visiting sites to understand how you work and bringing you innovative ways to save money and create efficiency. Supporting sites through changes to minimise disruption & maximise impact.

By adding value throughout our relationship, together, we can establish a solid foundation to a partnership that’s built to last.

Everyone involved in delivering your products will know your account inside out.  Sometimes you might suddenly find you need an urgent delivery or a new solution.  Every person who answers the phone or reads your email cares about what you need.  They will be your champion at Watermill.

We will keep you updated with any changes to legislation you need to know about. Members of the Living Wage Foundation, we invest heavily in:

Green technologies

Delivering a green ethos needs a complex balance. Working with the whole picture in mind you can be assured that we make conscious and considered investments.

Efficiency measures

Intelligent label waste management system means that waste can be re-used as an energy source and the heat generated by the waste extraction process is redistributed through the factory to provide heating.

Ethically sourced

Accredited FSC & PEFC chain of custody materials are from sustainable and well-managed sources. These sources are free from forced labour and work to improve local conditions. You can read more about the standards set by FSC & PEFC here.
We work with our suppliers to ensure, wherever possible, they:

  • They meet the standards set by the Modern Slavery Act 2016
  • They monitor transparency in their supply chains
  • They operate responsibly with social-awareness and in a sustainable way
  • Work to minimise and offset their impact on the environment.

This means we can continue to support supply chains with confidence and at competitive prices, well into the future.


We have updated this statement in light of the governments most recent announcement about moving its Corona Virus response to the delay phase. We are monitoring the advice from government and health agencies to ensure we are following the latest advice available to businesses in the UK.

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