About Us

Watermill is a BRCIOP Food Packaging approved label convertor.

Its products and services are used by UK manufacturing & Distribution groups on their outer cases and pallets. Printing good barcodes isn’t just about the label. Matching the right printer, print-ribbons and support to your needs is equally important, Watermill supply this too.

Working in close partnership with our customers we develop the best-fit labelling solutions for your company

Regular meetings, site-visits and account reviews mean that we adapt and change these solutions according to your business needs. Innovation and investment mean we bring savings to your door. The kind of savings that get noticed in your business.

As a result, many customers see us as their labelling experts and trust us to always give open and honest advice. It isn’t chance that many of our partnerships with the biggest UK manufacturers have lasted decades.

Supporting your drive for sustainability.

Protecting our planet and its people is a high-priority for any business today. Watermill is unique in labelling with how far its industry-leading green initiatives go. solar Panel


  • 750 solar panels installed on site driving our machines & fuelling our business
  • 100% renewable energy contracts
  • Production waste extracted & re-used as an energy source
  • Fleet vehicles 100% electric charged by 100% renewable sources



  • “SMETA” Ethical Trading Report approved Dec 2018
  • Members of the Living Wage Foundation since 2015