Plain and simple

Deceptively simple says everything about logistics labels. They don’t need to be beautiful but they do need to work on every box and on every pallet, every time. Watermill makes labels using only top-grade materials, by highly-trained operatives, on state-of-the art technology.

You can have total confidence in our product – allowing you to focus on yours. Accreditation means that customers can be sure this quality is recognised by some of the most stringent approval bodies in the world.

Rejection Hurts

Rejections by retailers because the barcode doesn’t work are problematic and expensive . You can rely on our expertise and quality to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Without high-quality barcode printing the labels won’t work. Watermill also supplies the support, printer solutions, machine consumables and print ribbon that ensure the next stage in the process works just as well as the first.

Self-adhesive Outer Case Labels

  • Outercase labels come in many sizes but have one function. To clearly and concisely identify what product is in which box.
  • We understand this process better than anyone else – bespoke, plain labelling is our core business. We invite you to share our expertise.
  • You can have a clear conscience knowing you’re using an ethically-minded company and the labels are manufactured on state of the art machinery by highly-skilled professionals. Confidence that the grade A materials used will give you the same result time after time, year after year.

Tray End Labels

Tray End Labels (TELs) are an integral part of many supply chains. If for any reason the tray can’t be identified, the process stops and you incur fines or worse.

Distribution networks can have serious issues with missing or bad barcodes. Using our experience and by studying the life-cycle of TELs through the whole supply chain we developed a product that withstands the harshest environments, stays in place and is readable when it arrives at your customer.

Our TELS are so trusted they are the preferred option for M&S and Sainsbury’s. These are stock items available for next day delivery, or in an emergency you can have them same day.

Pallet labels

We stock A5 pallet labels that meet all the requirements of the retailers. All made with the GS1UK standard in mind.

You can have confidence that the materials and adhesive will consistently perform and help you produce readable barcodes.

Manufactured in bulk quantities and on cutting-edge technology you can be assured of a quality product at market leading prices.

Whether your application is Ambient, Chilled or Frozen you can have next day delivery from our stocks.

Printer solutions

With a busy workload you need confidence in your solution provider. We’ll work with you on all aspects of your label printing.

By partnering with the us, you have easy access to all leading printer manufacturers as well as the latest label design software.

With over 25 years experience in running a bespoke print bureau, the knowledge we can share is one added bonus you can enjoy.

No more no-reads

Printing good barcodes isn’t just about the label. Matching the right printer, print-ribbons and support to your needs is equally important. Our customers trust us to transform their barcode read rates in the distribution network. For one leading supermarket the full turnkey solution we developed improved its read rates from 87% to 97%.

Ribbons, Printheads & Platen Rollers

These are key components in barcoding, aged or damaged printheads and platen rollers are a common cause of poor print quality.

We can help you ensure your printers are running at optimal settings and when they need to be replaced can supply print-heads and platen rollers for next day delivery.

If you think you are using too many heads we can visit your site for a review.