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About Watermill

The U.K's Plain Label Specialist

Established in 1994, Watermill is the leading dedicated manufacturer of plain self adhesive labels in the UK. Our customers successfully use our plain labels and other thermal consumables through their Barcode Label Printers to produce high quality barcodes for case and pallet level identification of their products.

Used to supporting a diverse range of blue chip customers within the demanding FMCG sector, we understand the critical importance of delivering high standards of quality and service consistently.

Watermill has seven 410mm wide converting presses dedicated to the production of plain labels for use in the Thermal Transfer market. With this huge capacity comes flexibility which means we can usually find time and space to accommodate that last minute order.

Take advantage of our significant economies of scale associated with what is probably the largest, dedicated plain label facility in the U.K

Last year we manufactured over 100 million pallet labels and over 1 billion case and traded unit identification labels...and we have the capacity to make more!